Brother Steven Builds

Steven Erickson


I’m an AFOL – Adult Fan of LEGO®. I’ve been building with LEGO® since I was five years old so basically my whole life. In 2010, my brother Mark and I discovered the online LEGO® community. My life has never been the same since.

I started out in small contests, events, and moved up into exhibiting my creations at LEGO® conventions in 2013. My builds quickly gained interest and I was featured in the LEGO® Club magazine with Mark at that time. I’ve competed in many LEGO® competitions. These include, but aren’t limited to: The LEGO® Iron Builder, the Colossal Castle contest, and dozens of live contests hosted at various LEGO® conventions across the country.

My works have been published twice in the “Beautiful LEGO®” book series written by Mike Doyle, in Blocks Magazine from the UK, and featured dozens of times on Brick Nerd, Tips and Bricks, and The Brother’s Brick blog.

My specialties are Castles, Steampunk, Mechs, and Sci-fi, as well as making brick sculptures of flora and fauna. My creations have a unique consistency, balance, and signature style.

I am the winner of the LEGO Masters® Season 2 TV show along with my teammate and brother, Mark! I am officially the LEGOMASTER®It was an experience like no other. My skills, creativity, speed, and stamina were put to the test and I feel that I rose to that challenge.

Interesting fact: I’m a wrist watch enthusiast. It’s one of my favorite things to collect beside LEGO®.


The Inner Workings of a Lego® Mind is a gallery book featuring my best creations through the years. Includes fascinating never-before-seen Lego® builds that are out of this world!

Each photo has an in-depth description of the build with explanations of color theory, design features, and part usage, and much more! Now available in my Shop in paperback and hardcover! Check it out!

My Creations